Main Building

Our main building has three floors with various accommodations on each:

1st floor has 1 Twin/Quad Share, 2 Family, 2 Barkadahan, and 5 Matrimonial Rooms;
2nd floor has 5 Twin/Quad Share Rooms;
3rd floor has 2 Penthouse Rooms.

All rooms are air conditioned! The Twin Share, Matrimonial and Penthouse rooms have hot & cold shower and cable TV set.

Each room has been designed to provide addition privacy by having the comfort room serves as a partition separating the dining/receiving area and sleeping area. The rooms differ by the beds furnished…

New Annex Building

Our new Annex Building is still under construction to finish its exterior but the rooms are now available for occupancy.

Each of the two floors has 6 Deluxe and 6 Superior Rooms.

All rooms are air conditioned with cable TV set.