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Hundred Islands National Park (Alaminos City)

This is the quintessential island hop, where you’ll be visiting islands of all shapes and sizes. Some simply look like little pieces of land. Others have intact cave systems and hilly terrain; fantastic for all-out hiking and camping. Governor’s Island has a viewing deck, and even a small house that can be rented.

There are 123 islands covering 1,844 hectares. Many of them have attention-grabbing names such as “Devil’s Island” and “Kissing Island.” And of course, like the rest of the country, the water is an exceptional hue of blue-green and holds fantastic coral reefs. Don’t forget to pack your bathing suit!

Patar Beach (Bolinao)

It has a varied landscape even on the beach; on one part are sharp, rugged boulders where waves crash violently (be careful in this part), while in another is a smooth stretch of pure, cream-colored sand. It also has a 20-kilometer coral reef sprawl that’s home to king mackerel, trevally, and the endangered taklobo.

Patar is the quintessential Filipino beach where huts are arranged on the shore: seafood and beer abound. And of course, you’ll hear someone belting out the latest pop songs on the karaoke.

Manaoag Minor Basilica (Manoag)

The Lady of Manaoag is a 17th century ivory statue with an intricate, gold lined, bejeweled dress. The statue is treated like a person – changed and perfumed every so often. The locals believe in its power to help those who are in sick and in need. The Lady of Manaoag is so important that it has been propped up high on an altar and locked behind bullet-proof glass. Devotees can enter the behind the altar to pray to The Lady and touch her back. It will be interesting to see how locals and pilgrims express their devotion. If you are also interested in more of The Lady of Manaoag’s history, you can visit the museum devoted to her.

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